British Airways Crew Offers Travel Tips

British Airways’ cabin crew have compiled a list of travel tips to try to pass on the knowledge they gain by flying so many thousands of miles each year.

Traveling to and from holiday destinations can be stressful, but with the right approach holidaymakers can arrive and depart in a relaxed fashion. British Airways crew suggest packing a pashmina or something similar into hand luggage, as moving between different climates can sometimes leave travelers short when it gets cooler. Pashminas pack down into a small space, and BA crew also said fold-up shoes can be good for a respite from normal shoes during or after a flight.

Another recommendation was to always take a pen in hand luggage to make filling in any forms necessary easier while on the flight. Any cosmetics packed in hand luggage should also not be filled right to the top, to avoid the contents spilling out as the cabin pressurizes. Another tip was for travelers to pack their favorite teabags for a taste of home wherever their holiday may be.

BA crew also suggested packing swimwear in hand luggage so that travellers could head straight to the pool or beach for a refreshing swim on arrival at their accommodation. A sarong was said to be a better choice than a beach towel for women, as it takes up less space in luggage, and baby wipes were said to be a good inclusion in cabin luggage, providing great refreshment for adults and children alike.

The last, and perhaps most memorable, tip was to prevent travellers leaving their passport in the hotel safe when leaving to fly home. BA crew said putting one of the shoes a passenger intends to wear for the return journey into the safe with the passport would help jog the memory before departing!