British Airways passenger arrested for allegedly groping stewardess

A British Airways passenger has been arrested after allegedly groping a flight attendant on a New York-bound flight.

It is believed that a 53-year old man –  who was said to be drinking whisky at the time – put his hand up the skirt of a flight attendant, while her back was turned on a flight from London Heathrow.

Before the alleged incident, it is claimed that another male passenger had complained to crew that the man had ‘bothered and abused’ his wife, the Daily Mail reports.

According to police files, after the attendant had served coffee to the defendant, she turned around to serve other passengers.

The documents go on to say: “The flight attendant bent over slightly to pour coffee into their cups, at which time the defendant placed his hand up her skirt, grabbed her genital area, and began to run his fingers back and forth.’

It is then belived that a second flight attendant  – who saw his actions – restrained the passenger immediately.

The defendant told officers during questioning that he “was drinking on the aeroplane, fell asleep, and woke up in restraints”.