British Airways striker sacked after ‘he threatened to poison pilot’ in YouTube rant

A British Airways employee was sacked after he threatened to poison a strike-breaking pilot’s food, an employment tribunal heard.

Bryan Benning also allegedly posted abusive messages about other BA strike-breakers on YouTube, including sinister threats saying he knew ‘car and other details of scabs.’

He allegedly said that strike-breakers were hated by cabin crew, who thought pilots were just ‘glorified bus drivers’.

The employment tribunal panel heard how senior BA officials traced the YouTube messages about last years’s strike back to Mr Benning. They intercepted him as he was about to board a flight and later sacked him.

Father-of-two Mr Benning, who was based at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5, is suing British Airways for unfair dismissal. He told the tribunal that the strike-breaker YouTube messages were not posted by him but by his brother.

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