British Airways Pilot said to have Murdered Millionaire Wife

On Tuesday, Reading Crown Court heard that British Airways pilot Robert Brown (46) murdered his millionaire wife, Joanna (46) on October 31 last year and then buried her body at Windsor Great Park – all because of a prenuptial agreement dispute. The defendant denies the charge, as well as that he obstructed a coroner from holding an inquest.

The murder is said to have happened when Robert returned the children to their mother after half-term. They are said to have been at the home when he attacked. She was repeatedly hit with a hammer or mallet, which left extensive skull and facial fractures, as well as brain injury. After putting her in the boot of his car, he told his kids to get in and then dropped them off at a friend’s house. Then he went to a grave, which a forensic archaeologist says had been made several weeks earlier, and buried her in a remote area with the intention that no one would find her.

Prosecutor Graham Reeds QC painted a picture for the jury. He said that Robert and Joanna married in January 1999, but their relationship went sour by 2007, when divorce papers were filed. The proceedings were bitterly contested, and a lot of money was spent on High Court fights between them for 3 years. They first fought about their 2 children and then about finances.

Reeds continued that Roberts referred to the prenuptial agreement as a stitch-up and said he resented the thought that Joanna and her lawyers were going to rely on the contract to force him into a particularly unfair settlement during the divorce proceedings. He became convinced that she cheated him and that their marriage had been false. He believe she deliberately hid her wealth and conducted the proceedings with lies, aggression and exaggeration, the prosecutor added. The trial is estimated to last 2 weeks.

Source: MSN